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What is SkyStream TV?

(Tue, 04 Dec, 2018)

SkyStream TV allows you to stream live TV, movies, sports and news across the US without any cable or satellite subscription! SkyStream TV can be used on a variety of different devices including Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Roku Players and TVs, mobile devices, and gaming devices (to come soon). SkyStream TV also gives you 50 hours of DVR so you can record and watch your favorite programs on demand, a 7 day replay which allows you to go back and watch whatever aired on any channel over the past 7 days without the need or use of DVR and an option that will allow you to stream on 5 devices at once! There are no annual contracts, fees or installations associated with SkyStream TV and you will never see any hidden fees or charges either (like HD fees, equipment fees, installation fees, or local sports fees etc.) Everything you pay is shown at checkout so you never get any surprises!

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