Blog Why do I see a SkyStream TV transaction on my credit card for a Free Trial?

Why do I see a SkyStream TV transaction on my credit card for a Free Trial?

(Thu, 30 Aug, 2018)

Payment information is required to activate your free trial so you can enjoy SkyStream TVuninterrupted after your free-trial ends.

During registration, we verify the payment information you provide using a $1* test authorization. Some banks place this authorization in a temporary status of "pending" or "on hold" which you may see on your electronic statement. In these cases, the temporary hold on this authorization can take up to 7-10 businessdays to be removed from your statement. We automatically notify your bank that these authorizations will not be collected and should be removed.

Please be aware that seeing the $1 hold on your statement does not necessarily mean that we were approved to use your payment information. If any information you provided during registration does not match what appears on your bank's record (like the name on the card), we may be able to request an authorization, but still be rejected approval for your card. This is for your protection. As a result, however, if you tried to register using your card multiple times, you may see multiple $1 holds on your statement. None of these will be collected as actual charges.

You will only be charged after the trial is over, unless you cancel before the free trial ends

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