Blog Free Major Networks in 1080P Free for Life! ABC, NBC, FOX and CBS

Free Major Networks in 1080P Free for Life! ABC, NBC, FOX and CBS

(Fri, 11 Jan, 2019)

Free TV

Do you remember back in the day when you had rabbit ears connected to your TV? They most likely had aluminum foil wrapped around each metal antenna. Remember having to move around the metal antennas to get a clear picture?

If you remember those days, those were the days of Free TV. Buy yourself some rabbit ears from Radio Shack (RIP,) connect them to the TV, add a few sheets of aluminum foil and boom! You had yourself some free TV.

What if I told you there was a way to get channels like ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX in 1080P uncompressed HD quality for free? You would probably tell me that I was crazy and that no company is going to give you the major local networks in 1080P for free. You would be correct. However major broadcasting companies are required by law to send out their signal over the air. This does not mean that every single area will get every channel or that every channel will come in perfectly, but hey it's free right.

So how do you get all of these major networks for free for the rest of your life? An HD antenna!

HD antennas aren't like the rabbit ears of the past. They don't have metal poles sticking out of them and they don't require aluminum foil. In fact todays HD antennas are nearly paper thin and can be mounted behind your TV or anywhere else on a wall or window.

Installation is as easy as mounting the antenna wherever you want, connecting it to your TV, plugging in the amplifier and running a channel scan on your TV. Within 10 minutes you can have Free TV for life.

You may ask yourself why a company who sells a Live TV Streaming Service would tell people how to get Free TV. Well first off you're our boy Blue and we got your back! Second is that when you pair an HD antenna with our SkyStream TV service you are getting the perfect combination of premium live TV channels and your local networks.

Every TV service available right now is charging you for your local networks because they have to pay for them. One TV service recently didn't want to pony up the money for local networks and their customers now have no local networks to watch. With an HD antenna you can still enjoy all of your local news, sports and other programming while paying less each month with SkyStream TV.

With SkyStream TV you can enjoy a huge selection of all your favorite channels for only $35. Did we mention that we are the only TV service in the United States that has never raised their prices?

Did we mention that you will get more then just the local major networks with an HD antenna? Depending on your area you may get up to 100 channels. In our area with a Mohu 65 mile antenna we get 87 channels. Yup, 87 channels and we pay absolutely nothing each month. Now we aren't going to lie to you, many of the channels are not the best. You will get a lot of religious programming and older content type stations. But hey it's free right!

Now that the secret is out and you know that you can get your local networks for free in HD, you just have to do a few things.

CLICK HERE and enter your address. See how many channels are available in your area.

CLICK HERE to order your HD Antenna (Choose between the 50 or the 65 Mile model)

CLICK HERE to sign up for your FREE 7 day trial of SkyStream TV to enjoy 70+ Channels! That pretty much wraps it up folks. If you are paying more than $35 a month for TV Channels you are paying too much! Stop throwing away your hard earned money and start SkyStreaming!

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