Blog Are Live TV Streaming Services Just Cable 2.0?

Are Live TV Streaming Services Just Cable 2.0?

(Thu, 08 Nov, 2018)

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In this article we discuss what we here at SkyStream TV see as a disturbing trend in the Live TV Streaming service market.

When live TV streaming services first debuted they were seen as the cable alternative. They were supposed to be a service that you paid for and got X amount of channels to stream. They were supposed to free us from ever increasing monthly bills. We as a company have been in this industry for over 6 years, but inonly the first 3 months that we have offered our very own Live TV Streaming Service we have seen numerous services raising their prices.

We have seen every single Live TV Streaming Service raise their prices by at least $5 in the past year. It is a very disturbing sign that all of the big corporate streaming services are starting to act and price their services in a fashion exactly the same as the thing that they replaced.

What started out as a simple concept of offering X amount of channels for X price is quickly turning into the same old story. "Due to our ever increasing costs we have to raise the monthly price of our service by $5. This is to ensure you receive the highest quality programming and service." "We have added a few new channels to our lineup that you will probably not watch ever and to offset the costs we are raising our prices by $5."

We feel that all of these services will see a $5 to $10 jump in price each year. It is just the business model that all of these services are used to and are emulating. Gain a customer with a decent price and service, get them hooked on the service and slowly raise the prices thinking that people are too lazy to switch and that only a $5 jump isn't that big of a deal. Then a few years down the road when these services are charging a DVR Fee, HD Fee, Guide Tax, 4K premium package, etc. Your once affordable streaming service is now as high as that old TV bill you used to pay for.

Here at SkyStream TV we don't believe in that business model. We started this business 6 years ago to help people save money, not get people hooked and raise our prices. We offer a fantastic Live TV Streaming service at a very affordable price and are going to stay that way. We are not here to please our stock holders, refurnish the corporate jet or appease investors. We are here for one reason and one reason only, to give you, our SkyStream family a great TV service! We are not greedy and will keep our prices from raising while the other guys try their best to squeeze every last dollar out of your pocket.

Are Live TV Streaming Services Cable 2.0? Absolutely, but it is only in the early stages and $5 doesn't seem like that much right now. But month after month, year after year you will see the prices increase to the point where you start considering why you are paying exactly as much as before. Live TV Streaming Services are the same as the other platform, just with a new way to deliver the content. Whether your TV is piped through a copper wire or your router the concept is the same. Continue to raise the prices until people revolt, then package it and call it something different.

You call yourself a Streaming Cutter or may find yourself Cutting the Stream in the next few years. Or you could go with the Live TV service that doesn't raise prices, isn't greedy, family owned, creates jobs in the US and doesn't have a corporate jet.

Still questioning if Live TV Streaming Services are Cable 2.0? Look up who owns the two largest streaming services in the United States. We think you will get the picture after learning who owns them!

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