Blog What is SkyStream TVís 7 day replay / Look back feature and why it is so important!

What is SkyStream TVís 7 day replay / Look back feature and why it is so important!

(Thu, 08 Nov, 2018)

What is SkyStream TV’s 7 day replay / Look back feature and why it is so important!

What exactly is a 7 day replay or look back feature? Many people are not aware what it is or that it even exists for a live TV streaming service.

Imagine that you had a DVR that recorded every single show for you on every channel and allows you to watch literally anything that has aired in the last 7 days on demand. That is exactly what SkyStream TV offers and is why we believe we have the Best Streaming Service available.

Let’s say your favorite NFL team played the Monday Night Football game that aired on ESPN. Let’s say you had to go to bed early so you could make it to work on time and missed the game. With SkyStream TV’s 7 day replay feature you could get home from work on Tuesday, find the recording in our On Demand section and watch the entire game from start to finish. No more forgetting to record your favorite shows, movies or sporting events. No more out of space DVR’s and having to delete stuff you haven’t watched yet.

Would you like a massive always changing library of premium content on demand?

What actually airs on 65+ channels in a full 7 day week? A lot! The screen shot below shows 336 movies, 276 sporting related shows and games and 246 comedy episodes! This means that in a given week you could have access to view 330+ movies on demand! Unlike some other on demand services which have static content, our 7 day replay feature is constantly changing which brings you more content then you can even imagine.

Best Streaming Service

Do you hate commercials?

Of course you do, everyone hates commercials but they are a fact of life. Until now! With SkyStream TV’s 7 day replay you have the option of fast forwarding past commercials. Since all of this content is stored on cloud servers and are on demand, you can simply press the fast forward button a few times and skip over the commercials.

Most people do not realize that most 30 minute shows have about 8-10 minutes of commercials, while most hour long shows have 16-20 minutes of commercials. You read that right, roughly one third of your time watching a show is spent watching commercials. Time is one of the most valuable things you have in life, so why spend 33% of your TV watching time watching commercials?

If you watched 3 hours of TV on a weekend watching TV, roughly one hour of that time was spent watching commercials. What could you do with an extra hour of time on a weekend? Spend time with your kids of family, spend time with friends, Make dinner, Get a few extra shores done? The list could go on forever.

The 7 day replay feature is a game changer!

The bottom line is SkyStream TV’s 7 day replay feature not only gives you a massive and always updating library of on demand content, it also gives you more time in your life to do more things, or just take a nap J

SkyStream TV saves you money each month as a great cable alternative, but also saves you time in your life while offering you all your favorite live channels and a massive library of On Demand content. These great benefits are what make SkyStream TV the Best Streaming service ever offered!

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