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What is a Pause Ad? Direct TV and Hulu are about to cram it down your throat!

Posted on December 6, 2018 09:12:31 PM

Live TV Streaming Services Pause Ad

Never heard of a Pause Ad before? Neither had we, but Direct TV and Hulu are about to introduce all of their streaming customers to them in 2019.

A Pause Ad is something that these companies decided was a great way to increase ad revenue and scrape even more profit from their loyal customers. Now that everyone is streaming on demand content there are less and less ads that people see while streaming. This was one of the perks of streaming and of On Demand content. But not anymore!

A Pause Ad is an advertisement that starts playing the second you pause a stream that you are watching. Wait what? Is this even a real thing? Aren’t people paying for these services so they can have access to more content and less commercials?

We don’t think that the people behind this decision to show you ads when you pause a stream realize why people pause TV. People pause a stream for a number of reasons. People pause live streams to grab a snack, hit the restroom, etc. But many people pause a stream to answer an incoming phone call, talk to whoever they are watching the TV with, to hear what a family member in another room is saying something or just because they want silence for a few moments.

Hulu and Direct TV think that you are going to love this new “Feature.” They have publically said and we quote (Totally serious) “The pause will provide a natural break in the story telling experience.”

Interrupting your favorite show or movie with a loud obnoxious ad is about as far from a natural break as we can imagine. Outside of punching you in the face when you press the pause button we can't really think of a more jarring way to interupt a show when you press the pause button.

Imagine pausing what you are watching to answer a call from your mom or from your child only to have an ad (Probably a loud one) start playing immediately.

Imagine pausing your TV after a crazy scene in the season finale of your favorite show to talk to whoever about it and being blasted with an ad for Bill’s used cars.

Imagine you are watching the last 10 minutes of the latest intense horror movie with all of the lights out. You pause it to grab a soda and boom! Now an ad white a white background starts playing, burns your retinas and completely ruins the mood of the movie. What a bummer!

We not only think this is extremely disruptive when you are trying to relax from your day and enjoy some TV time, but it is straight up rude.

When we here at SkyStream TV heard about this we were baffled. Why would you alienate your customers with mood ruining ads when they just needed to pause the TV for a few seconds to deal with life? Maybe we didn’t think about an idea like this during our “How can we piss of our customer base” meeting.

If your tired of these large companies extracting every dollar they are able to, while interrupting your TV time with even more ads feel free to go to and sign up for a free trial of over 70 live channels. We don’t raise our prices every year and we will never have Pause Ads. Just say no to price hikes and pause ads and say yes to SkyStream TV!

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Comment By: William Turri

December 7, 2018 04:12:59 AM

If any service starts this Pause AD ,I will stop that service.If enough of us do that this could never work ...

Comment By: Cherlynn Murphy

December 7, 2018 12:12:47 AM

Thank you for thinking about your customers first. That is so refreshing. I love the selection of channels we get with skystreamtv. It’s all the channels we love to watch without paying over $100.00 a month to a satellite company. Just wish someone would would come up with fast internet at a reasonable price like in town for rual communities so we could enjoy it even more without buffering. The only other thing is I wish you would hurry up and resolve the issue with Roku as well. Thanks for a great service!