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Why have YoutubeTV, DirecTV Now, Sling and Hulu Live all raised their prices?

Live TV Streaming Service

As we covered in our article Are live TV streaming services just Cable 2.0? Live TV streaming services all seem to be raising their prices very similarly to the way it used to be with your "Old" service.

Below is a breakdown of what those price increases are and what you get for the extra money you are being charged each month.

YoutubeTV - Raised the price to $40 from $35 In February 2018. The end user received nothing extra.

DirecTV Now - Raised the price to $40 from $35 In August 2018. The end user received nothing extra.

Sling - Raised the price of their smaller packages by $5 in July 2018. The end user received nothing extra.

Hulu Live - In October 2018 Hulu announced that they are removing 5 channels form their service. You can get these 5 channels back by adding a $5 add-on bundle to your service. Effectively they raised the price of their service by $5. Or you can look at it as you get 5 less channels for the same price as before.


The two top Live TV Streaming Services are owned by satellite TV companies, so it seems natural for companies that have slowly raised prices over the years to continue to do the same thing. Unfortunately this is not a trend that we will soon see go away. It is our opinion that this is going to continue the same way it did with your "Old" provider. $5 here, $5 there and boom, your new monthly bill makes your eyes pop and your jaw drop! "How did my Live TV Streaming Service get so expensive?" 

Does any of this sound familiar to you? Kind of like a bad case of Deja Vu? If so, you are 100% correct. This is exactly the same thing as before, just with a new medium hence why we call it Cable 2.0. Same thing different form.

Here at SkyStream TV we don't believe in this model. We believe that a service should stay the same price as the day you signed up. We don't believe that just because we are paying a little bit more for extra channels that we need to pass along that cost to our customer with a nice and healthy mark up. We don't believe in bait and switch tactics.


We believe in offering a quality Live TV Streaming Service for a fair price and to keep that price so you know exactly how much you are paying for a great channel lineup. We got sick of the "Old" guys for the exact same thing the "New " guys are doing. We understand that it is in their DNA and that they will never change. Unfortunately for them switching to a fair and honest Live TV streaming Service like is as easy as signing up for a FREE 7 day trial, downloading the app and signing in. It's really just that easy to tell these Live TV services that you don't appreciate your prices being raised continuously or being baited and switched. Tell them with your money. Eventually once enough people unsubscribe to them after another price hike, they may start to see the big picture. Probably not, but a shrinking customer base is the best way to try and tell them you are tired of being ripped off.

If you don't like raising prices with nothing in return please feel free to join a fair and honest, locally and family owned, United States based Live TV Streaming Service called SkyStream TV.

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Are Live TV Streaming Services Just Cable 2.0?

Live TV Streaming Service


In this article we discuss what we here at SkyStream TV see as a disturbing trend in the Live TV Streaming service market.

When live TV streaming services first debuted they were seen as the cable alternative. They were supposed to be a service that you paid for and got X amount of channels to stream. They were supposed to free us from ever increasing monthly bills. We as a company have been in this industry for over 6 years, but in only the first 3 months that we have offered our very own Live TV Streaming Service we have seen numerous services raising their prices.

We have seen every single Live TV Streaming Service raise their prices by at least $5 in the past year. It is a very disturbing sign that all of the big corporate streaming services are starting to act and price their services in a fashion exactly the same as the thing that they replaced.

What started out as a simple concept of offering X amount of channels for X price is quickly turning into the same old story. "Due to our ever increasing costs we have to raise the monthly price of our service by $5. This is to ensure you receive the highest quality programming and service." "We have added a few new channels to our lineup that you will probably not watch ever and to offset the costs we are raising our prices by $5."

We feel that all of these services will see a $5 to $10 jump in price each year. It is just the business model that all of these services are used to and are emulating. Gain a customer with a decent price and service, get them hooked on the service and slowly raise the prices thinking that people are too lazy to switch and that only a $5 jump isn't that big of a deal. Then a few years down the road when these services are charging a DVR Fee, HD Fee, Guide Tax, 4K premium package, etc. Your once affordable streaming service is now as high as that old TV bill you used to pay for.

Here at SkyStream TV we don't believe in that business model. We started this business 6 years ago to help people save money, not get people hooked and raise our prices. We offer a fantastic Live TV Streaming service at a very affordable price and are going to stay that way. We are not here to please our stock holders, refurnish the corporate jet or appease investors. We are here for one reason and one reason only, to give you, our SkyStream family a great TV service! We are not greedy and will keep our prices from raising while the other guys try their best to squeeze every last dollar out of your pocket.

Are Live TV Streaming Services Cable 2.0? Absolutely, but it is only in the early stages and $5 doesn't seem like that much right now. But month after month, year after year you will see the prices increase to the point where you start considering why you are paying exactly as much as before. Live TV Streaming Services are the same as the other platform, just with a new way to deliver the content. Whether your TV is piped through a copper wire or your router the concept is the same. Continue to raise the prices until people revolt, then package it and call it something different.

You call yourself a Streaming Cutter or may find yourself Cutting the Stream in the next few years. Or you could go with the Live TV service that doesn't raise prices, isn't greedy, family owned, creates jobs in the US and doesn't have a corporate jet.

Still questioning if Live TV Streaming Services are Cable 2.0? Look up who owns the two largest streaming services in the United States. We think you will get the picture after learning who owns them!

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SkyStream TV Youtube Review by Peter Carcione

You can visit Peter Carcione's Youtube channel for more streaming content by clicking on this

link -

How to easily market SkyStream TV and make Money!

In this article we are going to show you how easy we have made it to market SkyStream TV to your friends and family and make money doing it.

Once you sign up for our affiliate program you will be brought to your affiliate dashboard. This is your go to place to market SkyStream TV, keep track of your progress and track your monthly revenue.

Your Referral Link - This is the link that you include in any posts that you want to write yourself or send directly to friends. This link will track any visitors that click on it and will give you credit for anyone that starts a monthly subscription. It is very important that you send this link and not just a link to Sending our URL will not track your visitors and you will not be given credit for the sale!

Your Primary Social Links - Clicking on any of these social links will bring up a prewritten post or email that you can share quickly via email or your preferred social media account. This is the fastest and easiest way that you can get the word out to all of your friends, family and followers. You can always just copy your affiliate link manually and write a custom post if you want as well. 


Clicking on the Instructions tab will bring you to a very thorough article outlining the best practices when marketing SkyStream TV. It also has many tips and tricks for places you can market it that you may not have thought about before. We would definitely check this out as it will give you a head start and give you some great marketing ideas.


Marketing Materials - The marketing materials section offers pictures, links to send out posts very similar to the Primary Social Links and an article you can send to people that really outlines everything that SkyStream TV offers.


Invite Others - This section is makes it easy to get other affiliates sign up under you. Simply enter up to 10 email addresses separated by a comma, edit the prewritten email (Optional) and click send. Doesn't get much easier then that. When someone signs up as an affiliate under you and signs up a customer, you get $0.50 for each month that the customer keeps their subscription. As an example lets say you sign up 10 affiliates under you, they each sign up 10 people. So with 100 people signed up under your affiliates, you would receive $50 each month for as long as they keep their subscription. The more affiliates you have signed up under you the more you can earn monthly by literally doing nothing except sending out a few emails.


We hope this article has shown you how easy it can be to market SkyStream TV, Help your friends and family save money while enjoying their favorite content and make perpetual monthly income at the same time!



Why do I see a SkyStream TV transaction on my credit card for a Free Trial?

Payment information is required to activate your free trial so you can enjoy SkyStream TV uninterrupted after your free-trial ends.

During registration, we verify the payment information you provide using a $1* test authorization. Some banks place this authorization in a temporary status of "pending" or "on hold" which you may see on your electronic statement. In these cases, the temporary hold on this authorization can take up to 7-10 business days to be removed from your statement. We automatically notify your bank that these authorizations will not be collected and should be removed.

Please be aware that seeing the $1 hold on your statement does not necessarily mean that we were approved to use your payment information. If any information you provided during registration does not match what appears on your bank's record (like the name on the card), we may be able to request an authorization, but still be rejected approval for your card. This is for your protection. As a result, however, if you tried to register using your card multiple times, you may see multiple $1 holds on your statement. None of these will be collected as actual charges.

You will only be charged after the trial is over, unless you cancel before the free trial ends

Setting up a Primary Device for SkyStream TV

 In order to use the SkyStream TV live TV streaming app your first need to sign into your primary device. So what exactly is a Primary device and why do you need to sign into one before using the SkyStream TV app on a mobile device?

A primary device is a set top box or a streaming stick. Examples of these would be a Skystream TWO Android TV Box, A Roku device, an Apple TV, an AndroidTV device or an Amazon Fire device.

Installing the SkyStream TV app on any of these devices and signing into the app is considered setting up a primary device. Once this is complete you can install the SkyStream TV live TV streaming app onto any mobile device and use it to watch over 65+ channels.

The reason you have to sign into a primary device as your main device comes down to the complicated licenses for offering TV channels. We could bore you with all of the details, but in a Primary device that would normally be inside your home connected to a TV needs to be signed into prior to using the SkyStream TV app on a mobile device.

What is SkyStream TVís 7 day replay / Look back feature and why it is so important!

 What is SkyStream TV’s 7 day replay / Look back feature and why it is so important!

What exactly is a 7 day replay or look back feature? Many people are not aware what it is or that it even exists for a live TV streaming service.

Imagine that you had a DVR that recorded every single show for you on every channel and allows you to watch literally anything that has aired in the last 7 days on demand. That is exactly what SkyStream TV offers and is why we believe we have the Best Streaming Service available.

Let’s say your favorite NFL team played the Monday Night Football game that aired on ESPN. Let’s say you had to go to bed early so you could make it to work on time and missed the game. With SkyStream TV’s 7 day replay feature you could get home from work on Tuesday, find the recording in our On Demand section and watch the entire game from start to finish. No more forgetting to record your favorite shows, movies or sporting events. No more out of space DVR’s and having to delete stuff you haven’t watched yet.

Would you like a massive always changing library of premium content on demand?

What actually airs on 65+ channels in a full 7 day week? A lot! The screen shot below shows 336 movies, 276 sporting related shows and games and 246 comedy episodes! This means that in a given week you could have access to view 330+ movies on demand! Unlike some other on demand services which have static content, our 7 day replay feature is constantly changing which brings you more content then you can even imagine.

Best Streaming Service

Do you hate commercials?

Of course you do, everyone hates commercials but they are a fact of life. Until now! With SkyStream TV’s 7 day replay you have the option of fast forwarding past commercials. Since all of this content is stored on cloud servers and are on demand, you can simply press the fast forward button a few times and skip over the commercials.

Most people do not realize that most 30 minute shows have about 8-10 minutes of commercials, while most hour long shows have 16-20 minutes of commercials. You read that right, roughly one third of your time watching a show is spent watching commercials. Time is one of the most valuable things you have in life, so why spend 33% of your TV watching time watching commercials?

If you watched 3 hours of TV on a weekend watching TV, roughly one hour of that time was spent watching commercials. What could you do with an extra hour of time on a weekend? Spend time with your kids of family, spend time with friends, Make dinner, Get a few extra shores done? The list could go on forever.

The 7 day replay feature is a game changer!

The bottom line is SkyStream TV’s 7 day replay feature not only gives you a  massive and always updating library of on demand content, it also gives you more time in your life to do more things, or just take a nap J

SkyStream TV saves you money each month as a great cable alternative, but also saves you time in your life while offering you all your favorite live channels and a massive library of On Demand content. These great benefits are what make SkyStream TV the Best Streaming service ever offered!

How to submit an error

How to submit an error to the SkyStream TV developers

1. While on the stream, bring up the on screen menu by pressing the OK or select button on your devices remote. You can also press down to bring it up.

2. Click to the right to highlight the Question Mark icon and click on it.


3. Click on "Something's wrong? Tell us."


4. Click on the category of issue you are experiencing and make sure there is a check mark in the box next to it. 

Optional - Type in exactly what the issue is.


5. Press the back button on your remote to remove the on screen keyboard and click on "Submit Report"


6. The program will begin collecting data about the error. This can take up to 1 minute.


7. Once the data has been sent directly to our developers you will receive a notification on the screen that says "Your report has been received."


8. You are finished submitting your report. Our developers have received it and will take action to solve the issue as soon as possible.



How to search for on demand content

 How to search for on demand content on SkyStream TV

1. Click on search at the top of the page.


2. Type at least the first 3 letters of what you are searching for. For more accurate results please type the entire title if need be.


3. Click on the content you want to view and it will begin playing. You can pause, rewind, fast forward or jump to a specific spot while viewing on demand content.

How to browse the 7 day replay library

 How to browse the 7 day replay library on SkyStream TV

1. Click on On Demand at the top of the page.


2. On this screen you will see all of the shows and movies that have aired in the last 7 days broken down into categories. Scroll to the category you wish to browse and click right to browse throught the content.


3. Click on what you want to watch and it will begin playing.

How to watch and delete a recorded show

 How to watch and delete a recorded show on SkyStream TV

1. Click on Recordings at the top of the page (If you do not have any shows recorded or scheduled this section will be empty.)


2. Scroll down and highlight the recording you want to watch and click on it. The recording will begin playing.


3. To delete a recording simply click on the X on the on screen menu. You can bring up the menu by pressing the OK or Select button on your devices remote control.


4. Once you press the X button you will see this pop up appear. Click on OK and the recording will be deleted.



How to use the 7 day replay feature

How to use the 7 day replay feature to watch shows and movies from up to 7 days ago on demand

1. Click on Guide and scroll to the day the show or movie aired. All of the previous days will say "Last" before the day.  Click on the correct day.


2. Click left or right to the correct channel and click on it.


3. scroll up or down to the show you want to view and click on it. The video will now begin playing.

How to record your shows

How to record your favorite shows on SkyStream TV

1. Click on Guide at the top of the page, Scroll to the day that the show will air and click on it.

2. Click left or right and find the channel that airs the show you want to record.

3. Click on the channel and scroll to your show.


4. Click on the show and you will see this pop up appear. Click OK.


5. To see your scheduled and recorded shows click on Recordings at the top of the page.



How to add favorite channels

 How to add favorite channels in SkyStream TV

1. Click on the channel you want to make a favorite.


2. Click on the Heart button and you will see the Heart fill up. This mean you have now made this channel a favorite. To remove this channel from your favorites at any time simply click on the heart again and it will be empty.


3. All of your Favorite channels will now be listed at the top of the "On Now" section for easy browsing.


What is the SkyStream TV Live TV Streaming Service?

 Best Live TV Streaming Service


SkyStream TV is our latest live TV streaming service! We spent the last year working on a live streaming service to help people cut the cord for good and still enjoy their favorite Live TV programming! We packed SkyStream TV with all of your favorite channels but left out all of that extra cost! We are also offering 88 international channels, more on that below.

What live TV channels can I get on SkyStream TV?

Live TV Streaming Service Channel List


The picture listed above will give you a good idea of all of the channels that SkyStream TV offers. But we will list the full channel lineup below as well.

360 Tune Box
Animal Planet
Biz TV
Cartoon Network
Comedy Central
Country Network
Discovery Channel
Disney Channel
Docu Box HD
Entertainment Channel
ESPN Classic
Fashion Box HD
Fast Box HD
Fight Box HD
Film Box
Food Network
Fox News
Game Toon
Hallmark Channel
Hillsong Channel
History Channel
Ion Television
National Geographic Channel
NRB Network
Paramount Network
RT America
Turner Classic Movies
The CW
Travel Channel
Tuff TV
USA Network
Vibrant TV Network
The Weather Channel
YouToo America
Olympic Channel


What devices can I use SkyStream TV on?

We are glad that you asked :) We spent lots of time on app development so that you can use SkyStream TV on almost any device. Android, Android TV, IOS, Apple TV, Amazon Fire devices and TV's, Roku and Roku powered TCL TV's. Smart TV applications will be coming soon!

Can I record shows like a DVR on SkyStream TV?

Absolutely! You can record up to 50 hours of your favorite TV shows using SkyStream TV! And the best part is that it is stored in the cloud so it will never take up any space on your device!

What if I forget to record a show and miss it live?

Don't worry, SkyStream TV has you covered! SkyStream TV has a built in 7 day look back period, which means you can watch any show, from any channel on demand up to 7 days after it has aired. So don't worry about missing a single episode!

How can I find what to watch on SkyStream TV?

We have a an awesome channel guide that shows you what is on each channel for a full day. This allows you to see what is on for the whole day and record any show right from the channel guide. We also have a search feature that allows you to search by show. The search feature will show you if that show is currently playing live on a channel and will also list any on demand episodes of that show that you can watch.

How much is SkyStreamTV per month?

If you haven't already heard, all of the big streaming services recently had to renegotiate their contracts. The cost for them to broadcast their channels went up, so they passed along that cost to their customers and all of them raised their prices by $5 per month. SkyStreamTV does not have to renegotiate our contract for 3 years so we can offer more channels for only $35 per month. So not only will you get more channels, but you will be saving $5 each month. Not a bad deal right?

Are there any contracts with SkyStream TV?

Nope, You can cancel your SkyStream TV subscription at any time. We don't try to lock you in like the other guys. We know that once you see SkyStream TV and all of the HD channels we offer, you will have no reason to cancel.

How many devices can I use SkyStream TV on simultaneously?

At this current time you can only use SkyStream TV on one device at a time. But you can subscribe to our multi user package and stream live TV on up to 6 devices simultaneously. So feel free to let a few friends and family use your account as well. Sharing is caring. Or split the bill with your neighbor or best friend. Win Win right?

Can I watch my local major networks?

Unfortunately our licensing agreement does not allow us to broadcast the major networks for each location. All of the major networks like ABC,NBC, CBS and FOX will be broadcast from the local broadcaster in New York. If you want your local networks and news we highly suggest getting a Mohu HD Antenna. This is also a great item to have in emergencies or if your internet goes down for whatever reason. There are no monthly fees with an HD antenna. Just the initial cost to purchase.

Are there any sports blackouts?

There are absolutely NO sports blackouts of any kind, unlike some other services.

Are there any watching limits?

Nope, you can watch 24 hours a day 7 days a week if you want. There are absolutely no limits of any kind and no extra charges for power watchers.

Does SkyStream TV offer a free trial?

Of course, we are so sure that you will love SkyStream TV that we offer a 7 day free trial for you to check it out. So what are you waiting for? Visit and sign up for your free 7 day trial!